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Dominic Penrose
TBKS recently moved their operation from Bath city centre to a trading unit. With the move it was imperative that they repositioned themselves in the marketplace to take full advantage of their growing customer base of builders and architects. With this in mind they approached Timms for help in developing their new corporate brochure. Timms were very thorough in gaining an understanding of what we wanted and quickly came back with a creative proposal. Overall the project proceeded smoothly but, when problems arose, we were grateful to receive the attention of the Creative Director, Alex Timms, who pulled out all the stops to get the job finished within deadline. The brochure was mailed out to over 2,000 customers and immediately generated sales and leads.
"It isn't creative unless it sells."          "Product + Personality = Brand."          "How many Art Directors does it take to change a light bulb?.......Does it have to be a light bulb?"          "In every business there is a most salient truth: interrogate until it confesses."          "A picture says a thousand words."          "Creativity in marketing is the only legal means of gaining an unfair advantage on the competition."          "Great advertising costs the same as bad advertising but after time it becomes priceless."